April 8, 2023

Can a single word domain be trademarked?

A single word domain can be trademarked, depending on the context and other factors. Trademarking a single word domain requires a thorough review of the usage of the word and its related terms, as well as consideration of the potential for confusion in the marketplace. It is also important to assess the word's availability, as it may already be in use. If the word is determined to be available and eligible for trademarking, the process typically involves filing an application with the relevant government agency and awaiting the outcome of the review process. Ultimately, a single word domain can be trademarked, but the process requires careful consideration and examination of the relevant factors.

March 25, 2023

Is my brand name eligible for a trademark?

Having a trademark for your brand is a great way to protect it and make it stand out in the marketplace. But is your brand name eligible for a trademark? It all depends on a few factors. First, the name must be distinctive and not already being used by another business. Second, the name must be used in a commercial or business setting, not just for personal use. Finally, the name must not be a generic term or descriptive of the goods or services you are providing. If your brand name meets all of these criteria, then it is likely eligible for a trademark.

March 12, 2023

Can a job title or profession name be trademarked?

Job titles and profession names cannot be trademarked as they are considered descriptive and do not provide any indication of origin or ownership. Instead, a trademark must be used only to indicate a company’s goods or services. Companies have the option to register a trademark for a specific phrase, logo or slogan associated with their job titles or profession names, but this does not legally prevent others from using the same words. However, the trademark may prevent others from using the same words in a confusingly similar manner. Additionally, the rights to a trademark can be enforced in court if needed.