How to lose weight in a pleasant and stress-free way

How to lose weight in a pleasant and stress-free way

Losing weight can be a nightmare, but if you find the correct way to it you will be surprised of how many pounds you will be able to lose in no time. You can lose weight pleasantly and without stressing yourself.

Many people hate working out and dieting because they think that trying so hard to lose 1 or 2 inches is a waste of time. Most of the times, they don’t even do it in a correct way. They are disappointed and left with lots of questions that think it is impossible to answer.

People’s main stress-related questions concerning weight loss are the following:

  • How can I lose weight naturally?
  • Can stress lead to weight gain without overeating?
  • How can I take stress out of my life and lose stress-related weight?
  • Do I have to work out to lose weight?
  • Can I lose weight pleasantly and without pain?

What are the natural ways of losing weight?

First of all, it is known that nowadays more and more people are struggling with weight gain. Obesity is a real and common problem of not only adults, but children as well, which is very disturbing. This is the reason why many people are searching for ways to lose weight.

People and especially young adults of our days are not famous for their patience, so of course they will be looking for simpler and easier ways of losing weight. And we should not blame them. Who wants to be in pain and in a constant and strict workout schedule all the time?

The most natural way to lose weight is a balanced diet. You should try to incorporate all the different healthy ingredients that are the base to a healthy diet into your everyday meals. Another choice of natural weight loss is exercising. Combine these two, and you will lose the few pounds you gained.

To give you an example of a balanced diet, we have created a draft of what a weekly meal plan should include.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you should never skip it. This is one of the most common mistakes people do, that lead to weight gain rather than weight loss. Breakfast should include grains, carbs, vitamins and fiber. Basically everything needed for a balanced but filling meal.

Try not to think only about healthy breakfast dishes like granola, oatmeal or smoothies. Cereal with milk or a slice of whole grain bread with honey or tahini with some coffee or orange juice will still be a nice choice for your morning meals.


Here is where you can go crazy. You can essentially cook anything, meat, poultry, vegetables, pasta, as long as you use little olive oil and you avoid frying your lunch. Always remember to begin with some salad (green, Greek, with arugula, vegetables or quinoa) so that you will fill your stomach and suppress your appetite before the main dish.


For dinner we suggest either something light such as yoghurt, a salad or what you had for lunch if you have leftovers. Having a full meal at night is not unusual and does not mean you are following an unhealthy diet, as far as the portions are smaller.

The last meal of your day should be at least 2 hours prior to your bedtime.


It could be everything from a fruit, or toast to vegetables and smoothies. Snacking should be the joy of the day, as it happens between meals in order to cut the feeling of hunger till your next meal. Try making a list of your favorite snacks so that you are able to choose more easily.

Bananas, apples, grapes, mangos, coconuts, carrots, cucumber, basically anything could be in your snack list. Choose wisely and combine ingredients so that you will not be bored. Also remember not to overdo it with portions. Eating a basket of apples won’t help you be healthy, let alone lose weight.

Just to be clear, there is no wrong and right thing to eat in terms of a healthy diet. We are giving you the general idea of a balanced meal planning so that you can get started from somewhere. The point is to be happy with what you eat, so that you can lose the extra inches you are struggling with.

Can weight loss be pleasant and stress-free?

To answer to the main question of the issue, yes. As long as you have a plan to follow and you keep yourself organized, everything is going to be fine.Keep an eye on your target, consider the advice given in this article, and you will start seeing results.

Before trying working out, taking pills or dieting, you should pay a visit to your doctor. Many times the main reason we gain weight is that there is something wrong with our body. Your check up should include blood tests and a fatigue test.

These test’s results will show if you are fit to exercise and follow a diet, as well as if your weight has increased due to changes in your hormone levels, your thyroid or your high anxiety levels. Stress and anxiety could cause worse problems that you think.

Keeping yourself stress-free is key in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It wouldn’t be wise to start a diet and extreme working out plans if you are not healthy, as it will probably lead to medical issues and maybe permanent damage.

A common way to take stress out of your lives is to find activities that relax you. In every city there are classes of painting, pottery, sculpting, sewing etc., which you can join and see if you have an interest in any of the subjects.

There are also yoga classes which can really help you by taking your mind off of problems and negative thoughts while also improve your flexibility and balance.

Can stress lead to weight gain without overeating?

Stress is a very important component as far as weight gain is concerned. But how does stress lead to weight gain?

When being stressed, there are two ways that this affects your body mass. Either way the results are the same, as you see your scale’s numbers increasing. Even if you do not overeat, it is sometimes inevitable to see your body changing.

Firstly, when you are stressed, your appetite is suppressed and your organism may think that you are not in need of food. Adrenaline is released, and your body thinks that food is not necessary. After sometime, when you keep stressing, the adrenaline rush fades away and cortisol sends signals to your body to refill the energy levels.

This is where you might gain some weight.

The other way that stress “makes” you gain weight, is that the hormones your body produces to stress you out, make you hungry. Or you would just want something to eat, because you think that this way you will supress your anxiety. This is where you submit into binge-eating and even if you don’t overeat, you gain a few pounds.

Have you ever observed someone really nervous about a problem? They will search something to eat. If there isn’t any food around, they will start putting their hands in their mouth and even bite their nails! It is a reaction coming naturally, and most of the times automatically.

If you ask them to stop biting their nails, they will be shocked, because sometimes they don’t even remember putting their hand in their mouth, as it’s done unconsciously, as a reflex.

How to lose stress-related weight?

Weight that has been gained due to high stress levels is one of the most difficult categories of fat to lose. It is usually stored in the area of the stomach and more specifically at the level of the belly. Everyone knows that belly fat is almost impossible to lose and very easy to be stored back.

There are a few ways that you can lose belly fat and generally stress-related weight, and we will discuss it below.

  1. Working out
  2. Healthy diet
  3. Sports
  4. Yoga
  5. Weight loss pills
  6. Surgical and cosmetic procedures

The workout part will be discussed in the next session, and we have already discussed the solution of a healthy and balanced diet.

Sports is a very interresting alternative to working out. That is because you have the option of choosing a sport that you really like, and engage with it for as many days a week as you like. A large number of people have sports as their hobbies.

Boxing is quite famous since the past years, and there are also other amusing activities such as “ninja warrior trainning parks” which are popular in the United States. This type of trainning is basically an obstacle race and if you are creative  you can easily make one at your back yard.

It is fun and at the same time it helps you lose weight by finishing an enjoyable race. The urge to complete the race will distract you from your strenuous efforts and of course at the end, you get the feeling of satisfaction.

Yoga is one of the most relaxing methods you could exercise, as it strengthens your whole body by enhancing your core. At the same time, yoga relaxes your body and mind. This could help relieve your painful thoughts and anxiety, and simultaneously build your body up.

Weight loss pills are an easy way of losing a few inches off your body, as most of the times all you have to do is take one and keep a balanced diet. You should also work out a couple of days per week, so that you have visible results in less time.

This should come as the last resort for people struggling with weight loss, as surgical and cosmetic procedures can be harmful to your body. These procedures can cost you a lot of money, but generally they guarantee visible difference on your body in no time.

All in all, undergoing sedation and taking all the medication just to lose some pounds is not worth your health, because there are easier and less costly ways of losing weight.

Is working out necessary to lose weight?

Nothing is obligatory or necessary in weight loss, but as long as it is guaranteed work, you should give it a try. And we will explain this thought instantly.

If you have already tried working out and feel that it stresses you, then you should not engage to it. Although it would be better to give it a second chance.

Many times, instructors and personal trainers put a lot of pressure on clients, without firstly calculating their physical level. Then they proceed to a strenuous 1-hour program or they put you in a group of advanced students. After working out, instead of feeling better and energized, you feel exhausted and dizzy.

This often leads to clients being intimidated and leaving the workout team at the second to third session.

Quitting the course makes you feel that exercise is not good for you and you develop a hostile behavior towards it. This is the reason why people keep asking if working out is necessary in order to lose weight. They feel like they have tried it, failed it, and now there isn’t any other solution to help them lose weight.

But they are wrong. My advice is to choose an exercise plan and instructor, and give it some time. Anyone who hasn’t trained for years will be sore in the first sessions.

Many escorts from Golden Diamond Escorts are hitting the gym 6 days a week just to stay thin and flexible.

How to choose a workout plan?

You should try to find an instructor or a gym class that is suited for your needs. For example, if you need to lose 2 or 3 pounds and get your body tight then you should consider joining a cardio program combined with weight lifting.

But if you need to lose more than 10 pounds, then you need to have a personalized workout schedule, adjusted to your own needs, so that you won’t quit early and you will reach your goal.

You should also bear in mind that there are many alternatives to the traditional gym-related work outs. You could participate in sports teams, do boxing, go hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, swimming, take ballet or martial arts classes, etc.

Choose something that pleases you rahter than something your friends recommend and claim to be effective. It is not bad to do a research on different sports, gyms and other activities offered in your area. You can also ask for a trial day as many gyms offer one at the beginning of the year.

Pricing is an important component too, and yes, you should consider it before choosing a gym. Expensive subscription in a gym doesn’t mean you will get results. Try to ask around friends, family, people you trust, for their experiences and their results.

Although it may have worked for them and will not work for you, at least you will have a better idea of your choices.

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